Friday, December 21, 2007

Week 9 Thing 23!!!!

Whew! I'm glad to be finished w/ 23 Things!! There was a lot of valuable information which could have been explored in greater depth. I rushed through the last 3 Lessons, just to meet the deadline, so I don't think I retained much.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn many new things!

Week 9 Thing 22

Project Gutenburg is a wonderful program so that people can have another format to access books.

Week 9 Thing 21

I have looked at podcasts and think they are cool. Especially since they can be downloaded from anywhere.

Week 9 Thing 20

Here is the YouTube video that I found.

Week 8 Thing 19

It was cool to see that Flickr won the first place award for pictures and digital images since it was one of the 23 things assignments.

Week 8 Thing 18

The Zoho writer is a very useful tool for students and co-workers to share and edit documents.

Week 7 Thing 17

I signed up and posted my blog to the Sandbox wiki, but when I tried to paste the wiki URL it gave me an error.